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Memories Worth Capturing || Haylor

Taylor switched on her camera as she watched her fiancé perfect the art of carrying boxes up the steps of the porch to their new home. It wasn’t exactly an art as such, it was more something Harry hadn’t quite got the hang of and Taylor found it absolutely amusing and hilarious to watch. She started recording on her camera as she giggled hysterically when Harry tripped, the box of baby toys flying all over the porch.

Harry knew he would never get sick of the sound of Taylor’s laugh. Even when he was making a complete fool of himself, if it made Taylor laugh then he could handle it. He started picking up the toys one by one and carefully placing them in the box.

“Hey Harry…” He heard her sweet voice and instantly turned around, not surprised that she had that damn camera out again.

“You recorded the whole thing, didn’t you?” He tried to hide his smile but he couldn’t help it.

“Yep.” She replied proudly, shutting the camera off. She stood up carefully from the swinging seat under the tree and got her balance. It wasn’t easy being nine months pregnant and moving into a new house, but lucky for Taylor she had an amazing husband who was more than willing to do all the heavy lifting. Harry continued to unpack the last of their belongings and Taylor started to wander around their new home, peeking in each room to see the furniture in its place, but boxes upon boxes scattered all over the floor of each room. They had a lot of work to do, but Taylor knew in the end it would all be worth it.

The last room she ended up in was the nursery of their soon to be daughter. Taylor had always hoped that someday she would have a little girl. If she was anything like her own mom, this little girl was going to have an amazing life and an amazing mom. Plus she had seen Harry around Lux and other children; he was a natural and she couldn’t wait to see him become a daddy. They were both still so young but had never felt more ready to become a family.

Harry had found himself following Taylor into the house and watched on from the doorway of the nursery as she picked up the baby clothes out of the box one by one, taking a look at each before folding them neatly and placing them in the chest of drawers. She had such a motherly instinct about her already and it made Harry’s heart flutter. Taylor had been the only girl to ever give him butterflies, and to this day he still felt himself nervous around her occasionally.

An idea came to Harry’s mind as he quietly made his way back to the kitchen where Taylor had left the camera, pressing record as he headed back to the nursery and started to record Taylor. Moments like these were worth capturing, Harry thought to himself.

“What are you doing, love?” Harry asked and Taylor’s smile grew as she turned around, blushing a little when she saw the recording device in Harry’s hands.

“I’m unpacking.” She turned back around and continued with folding the clothes as Harry got closer to his fiancé with the camera.

“What are you unpacking?”  

“Baby clothes!” Taylor’s voice only got cuter the more she talked about anything to do with their daughter, or at least Harry thought it did. She was so excited about having a baby and he could feel the butterflies in his stomach making an appearance once again.

“Who’s having a baby, Tay?”

She turned to the Harry, setting down the dress she had half folded before taking the camera from his hands and placing it next to the dress.

“We’re having a baby.” She replied sweetly, the smile on her face only growing as her hands made their way to her swollen stomach. Harry placed his hands on hers and he could feel their baby moving like crazy.

“She can hear her daddy…” The soon to be mom giggled. Harry just placed a peck of Taylor’s lips and then one on her belly. He couldn’t wait to meet their daughter; he had never been more excited for anything in his whole entire life. Nothing compared to bringing another life into the world with the woman he loved more than life itself. 

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